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   James St Pierre
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Use Cases and Requirements

Use Case V2.0 Submission
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Use Case V1.0 Collection [Requirements: UseCase | Summary | General | Gen+Ref | Gen+Ref+Gaps | Gen+Detail ]
(M0237 Use Case V1.0 Template is no longer use, M0180 to download all use cases, and M0203 for full high-level use case descriptions)

Government Operation
   1.M0147:Census 2010 and 2000 -- Title 13 Big Data; Vivek Navale and Quyen Nguyen, NARA
   2.M0148:National Archives and Records Administration Accession NARA, Search, Retrieve, Preservation; Vivek Navale & Quyen Nguyen, NARA
   3.M0219:Statistical Survey Response Improvement (Adaptive Design); Cavan Capps, U.S. Census Bureau
   4.M0222:Non-Traditional Data in Statistical Survey Response Improvement (Adaptive Design); Cavan Capps, U.S. Census Bureau
   5.M0175:Cloud Eco-System, for Financial Industries (Banking, Securities & Investments, Insurance) transacting business within the United States; Pw Carey, Compliance Partners, LLC
   6.M0161:Mendeley -- An International Network of Research; William Gunn, Mendeley
   7.M0164:Netflix Movie Service; Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University
   8.M0165:Web Search; Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University
   9.M0137:IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Big Data Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Within A Cloud Eco-System; Pw Carey, Compliance Partners, LLC
   10.M0103:Cargo Shipping; William Miller, MaCT USA
   11.M0162:Materials Data for Manufacturing; John Rumble, R&R Data Services
   12.M0176:Simulation driven Materials Genomics; David Skinner, LBNL
   13.M0213:Large Scale Geospatial Analysis and Visualization; David Boyd, Data Tactics
   14.M0214:Object identification and tracking from Wide Area Large Format Imagery (WALF) Imagery or Full Motion Video (FMV) -- Persistent Surveillance; David Boyd, Data Tactics
   15.M0215:Intelligence Data Processing and Analysis; David Boyd, Data Tactics
Healthcare and Life Sciences
   16.M0177:Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data; Shaun Grannis, Indiana University
   17.M0089:Pathology Imaging/digital pathology; Fusheng Wang, Emory University
   18.M0191:Computational Bioimaging; David Skinner, Joaquin Correa, Daniela Ushizima, Joerg Meyer, LBNL
   19.M0078:Genomic Measurements; Justin Zook, NIST
   20.M0188:Comparative analysis for metagenomes and genomes; Ernest Szeto, LBNL (Joint Genome Institute)
   21.M0140:Individualized Diabetes Management; Ying Ding, Indiana University
   22.M0174:Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence for Health Care; Sriraam Natarajan, Indiana University
   23.M0172:World Population Scale Epidemiological Study; Madhav Marathe, Stephen Eubank or Chris Barrett, Virginia Tech
   24.M0173:Social Contagion Modeling for Planning, Public Health and Disaster Management; Madhav Marathe or Chris Kuhlman, Virginia Tech
   25.M0141:Biodiversity and LifeWatch; Wouter Los, Yuri Demchenko, University of Amsterdam
Deep Learning and Social Media
   26.M0136:Large-scale Deep Learning; Adam Coates, Stanford University
   27.M0171:Organizing large-scale, unstructured collections of consumer photos; David Crandall, Indiana University
   28.M0160:Truthy: Information diffusion research from Twitter Data; Filippo Menczer, Alessandro Flammini, Emilio Ferrara, Indiana University
   29.M0211:Crowd Sourcing in the Humanities as Source for Big and Dynamic Data; Sebastian Drude, Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen The Netherlands
   30.M0158:CINET: Cyberinfrastructure for Network (Graph) Science and Analytics; Madhav Marathe or Keith Bisset, Virginia Tech
   31.M0190:NIST Information Access Division analytic technology performance measurement, evaluations, and standards; John Garofolo, NIST
The Ecosystem for Research
   32.M0130:DataNet Federation Consortium DFC; Reagan Moore, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
   33.M0163:The 'Discinnet process', metadata <-> big data global experiment; P. Journeau, Discinnet Labs
   34.M0131:Semantic Graph-search on Scientific Chemical and Text-based Data; Talapady Bhat, NIST
   35.M0189:Light source beamlines; Eli Dart, LBNL
Astronomy and Physics
   36.M0170:Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey (CRTS): a digital, panoramic, synoptic sky survey; S. G. Djorgovski, Caltech
   37.M0185:DOE Extreme Data from Cosmological Sky Survey and Simulations; Salman Habib, Argonne National Laboratory; Andrew Connolly, University of Washington
   38.M0209:Large Survey Data for Cosmology; Peter Nugent, LBNL
   39.M0166:Particle Physics: Analysis of LHC Large Hadron Collider Data: Discovery of Higgs particle; Michael Ernst BNL, Lothar Bauerdick FNAL, Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University; Eli Dart, LBNL
   40.M0210:Belle II High Energy Physics Experiment; David Asner & Malachi Schram, PNNL
Earth, Environmental and Polar Science
   41.M0155:EISCAT 3D incoherent scatter radar system; Yin Chen, Cardiff University; Ingemar Haggstrom, Ingrid Mann, Craig Heinselman, EISCAT Science Association
   42.M0157:ENVRI, Common Operations of Environmental Research Infrastructure; Yin Chen, Cardiff University
   43.M0167:Radar Data Analysis for CReSIS Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets; Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University,
   44.M0127:UAVSAR Data Processing, Data Product Delivery, and Data Services; Andrea Donnellan and Jay Parker, NASA JPL
   45.M0182:NASA LARC/GSFC iRODS Federation Testbed; Brandi Quam, NASA Langley Research Center
   46.M0129:MERRA Analytic Services MERRA/AS; John L. Schnase & Daniel Q. Duffy, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
   47.M0090:Atmospheric Turbulence - Event Discovery and Predictive Analytics; Michael Seablom, NASA HQ
   48.M0186:Climate Studies using the Community Earth System Model at DOE.s NERSC center; Warren Washington, NCAR
   49.M0183:DOE-BER Subsurface Biogeochemistry Scientific Focus Area; Deb Agarwal, LBNL
   50.M0184:DOE-BER AmeriFlux and FLUXNET Networks; Deb Agarwal, LBNL
   51.M0223:Consumption forecasting in Smart Grids; Yogesh Simmhan, University of Southern California


Upcoming/Past Events

2nd NIST Big Data Workshop, NIST,
June 1 & 2, 2017
IEEE NBD-PWG Workshop, October 27, 2014
1st NIST Big Data Workshop, NIST, September 30, 2013

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