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Big Data at NIST
The NBD-PWG was established together with the industry, academia and government to create a consensus-based extensible Big Data Interoperability Framework (NBDIF) which is a vendor-neutral, technology- and infrastructure-independent ecosystem. It can enable Big Data stakeholders (e.g. data scientists, researchers, etc.) to utilize the best available analytics tools to process and derive knowledge through the use of standard interfaces between swappable architectural components. The NBDIF is being developed in three stages with the goal to achieve the following with respect to the NIST Big Data Reference Architecture (NBD-RA), which was developed in Stage 1:
  1. Identify the high-level Big Data reference architecture key components, which are technology, infrastructure, and vendor agnostic;
  2. Define general interfaces between the NBD-RA components with the goals to aggregate low-level interactions into high-level general interfaces and produce set of white papers to demonstrate how NBD-RA can be used;
  3. Validate the NBD-RA by building Big Data general applications through the general interfaces.

The NBDIF Version 1 final documents are availiable here.

NBDIF Version 2 Final Documents

NBD-PWG wants to thank many valuable input during the public comments period! The goals of version 2 were to enhance the version 1 content and define general interfaces between the NIST Big Data Reference Architecture (NBDRA) components by aggregating low-level interactions into high-level general interfaces, and demonstrate how the NBDRA can be used.

Below are the final Version 2 documents:

  1. NIST SP1500-1r1 -- Volume 1: Definitions
  2. NIST SP1500-2r1 -- Volume 2: Taxonomies
  3. NIST SP1500-3r1 -- Volume 3: Use Cases and Requirements
  4. NIST SP1500-4r1 -- Volume 4: Security and Privacy
  5. NIST SP1500-5    -- Volume 5: Reference Architectures White Paper Survey
  6. NIST SP1500-6r1 -- Volume 6: Reference Architecture
  7. NIST SP1500-7r1 -- Volume 7: Standards Roadmap
  8. NIST SP1500-9    -- Volume 8: Reference Architecture Interface (new)
  9. NIST SP1500-10  -- Volume 9: Adoption and Modernization (new)

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Upcoming/Past Events

2nd NIST Big Data Workshop, NIST,
June 1 & 2, 2017
IEEE NBD-PWG Workshop, October 27, 2014
1st NIST Big Data Workshop, NIST, September 30, 2013

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