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   Wo Chang
     NIST / ITL
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   James St Pierre
     NIST / ITL
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2014 IEEE NBD-PWG Workshop
To submit a proposal for participation, identify a panel subtopic from the appropriate list, or suggest a more appropriate panel topic. Then determine whether you wish to participate as a Technology Provider Working Group, or as a Technology Consumer/Practitioner Working Group. When submitting a proposal, use the appropriate template - Provider or Consumer - as given below.

Technology Provider / Researcher Proposals

Who should use this template?

  • Academicians,
  • Data Scientists and
  • Providers of Big Data technology solutions.

    Subtopics -- Panels may be convened from these topic areas:

  • Big Data veracity, provenance, data quality, metadata
  • New or revisited models for integrating streaming data
  • Big Data machine learning, predictive analytics
  • Revived, revisited, rejected or resurrected research threads from distributed, grid, VLB computing
  • Technology solutions for cross-border compliance
  • New approaches to Big Data security, privacy or risk management
  • Unique, unusual or new concepts for Big Data in cloud, hybrid and on-premises
  • Graph databases
  • Research directions into new patterns (such as analytics direct to HDFS)

    Proposal Sections

    1. Title
    2. Point of Contact (Name, affiliation, contact phone, contact email address)
    3. Working group URL
    4. Proposed panel topics
    5. Abstract
    6. Working group overview
    7. Number of Participants, date working group began, frequency of meetings
    8. Target audience
    9. Prior or foundational research / technology
    10. Ongoing research / technology by others
    11. (Optional, for solution providers) Features and benefits of a technology solution, e.g., interoperability, scalability, compatibility with existing standards
    12. Relevance of the current / proposed approach to Big Data challenges
    13. Anticipated or recommended changes to design patterns
    14. Metrics and usability considerations
    15. Keywords
    Consumer, Manager, Domain Expert Proposals

    Who should use this template?
    This template is appropriate if your position paper concerns:

  • A producer of Big Data
  • A consumer of Big Data
  • An expert in a domain that produces Big Data
  • A custodian or manager of Big Data sets
  • Technology gaps that impair access to benefits of Big Data

    Subtopics -- Panels are contemplated from these topic areas:

  • Expected impact of the Internet of Things
  • Unmet Big Data requirements
  • Specific issues for government, science Communities of Interest
  • Hybrid solutions including traditional RDBMS elements
  • Impact on legacy applications, such as ERP, supply chain
  • Evolving changes to master data management
  • Impacts on data centers and their managers
  • Success stories or cautionary tales with Big Data technology products and/or solutions which identify patterns, strengths, weaknesses in current practices and tools
  • Privacy and security: best practices, threats, countermeasures, risk management, compliance
  • Standardization uses and needs

    Recommended Proposal Sections

    1. Title
    2. Point of Contact (Name, affiliation, email address, phone)
    3. Working Group URL
    4. Proposed panel topic
    5. Abstract
    6. Working Group summary
    7. Number of Participants, data working group began, frequency of meetings
    8. Target Audience
    9. Current initiatives
    10. Specific Big Data Challenges: Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity / Provenance, Visualization, Analytics, software tooling, usability, scalability, ETL / ELT, security, privacy, risk management
    11. Urgent research needs
    12. Related Projects or Artifacts
    13. Big Data metrics (describe your data to make a Big impression)
    14. Keywords


    Upcoming/Past Events

    2nd NIST Big Data Workshop, NIST,
    June 1 & 2, 2017
    IEEE NBD-PWG Workshop, October 27, 2014
    1st NIST Big Data Workshop, NIST, September 30, 2013

    NIST is an agency of the
    U.S. Commerce Department

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    Last updated: January 11, 2017

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